When Clark moves to a new town because of his career as a photo journalist, he must once again deal with the motion of being an outsider. At his new school Clark finds another student named ELAN, a student who others believe to be an Alien. The recent media focus on space due to the launch of Sputnik 1, causes a journalistics spark for Clark. He decides to go after the truth so that he may prove to everyone else that ELAN is not from another universe.

Set in 19th Century Arkham, Boston the film follows Sonia, wife of the infamous painter Richard Pickman. After a morbid display at the Newberry Street Art Club, Richard disappears from the public eye. Left with nothing but reminiscence of his work and inspiration, Sonia must seek out her husband from the shadows and bring him back to reality. A biopic fan fiction based on the stories and romantic history of H.P. Lovecraft and his wife Sonia Greene.